What printer do you buy for your Grandmother?


My 87 year old Granny recently asked me to get her a new printer for her house.

Her HP colour inkjet that she picked  up on sale in Tesco had never worked correctly and she wanted something that (a) worked and (b)  was simple to use and (c) did not cost an arm and a leg to run.

The requirements I drew up were:

  • Must be a mono laser printer  (cheapest to run, no messy ink)
  • Has to be able print but also scan and copy
  • Wireless (So we could put anywhere in the house without having to worry about cables)
  • Must have a good app for her  iPad to print emails and FaceBook messages
  • Must costs less than €150.00

So the search was on.

After considering options from HP and Brother, I found an amazingly cost-effective unit from Samsung that ticked all the boxes:

Samsung SCX 3405W

Samsung SCX-3405W Wireless Multifunction Mono Laser Printer (Print/Scan/Copy)

For less than €125 (£102) including delivery to Dublin, Ireland  from Amazon.co.uk [Link]

When it arrived it took about 10 minutes from opening the box to printing from the iPad with no need for a PC to set it up. The iPad sees the printer in in list of printer without having to configure this. The unit is compact and the fact that you only have a single cable (power) allows for a tidy install. It comes with a 700 page toner starter cartridge which should last a year. Replacement toner will cost €60 for a 1,500 page yield, which works out at only 4c per A4 page. We spent the next hour getting everyone in the house to print something from their phones (iOS and Android). Copying only needs a single button press and the Samsung app from the Appstore allow you to scan documents directly from the unit to your phone or tablet.

It’s an amazing amount of technology for the money. I’ll be recommending this to my friends and I’ll probably end up buying one for my house, it is that good.

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