Meraki Ireland – The Future of Networking.

This is the Meraki Story:  

Founded by 3 guys from MIT  and bought by Cisco for $1.2bn in December 2012,  Meraki are a manufacturer of Cloud Managed Access Points, Switches and Security Appliances (More than just a firewall) . Here is a great blog post on why cisco bought them.

I installed  2 Meraki access points in May and have been running the office wifi through them 3 months now.  Digicom are a Meraki Ireland partner and I completed my Certified Meraki  Network Associate course in July.

Amazingly simple to set up and monitor, I’m confident this the future of networking.

They run a great promotion whereby you can get a free access point by registering  for and attending  a live 1 hour webinar which very informative.  You must work in IT and there is only one free AP per company. I highly recommend trying one out.

Register for free here:

If you have any issues with delays in the access point shipping or registration, let me know and I can check with my Meraki contacts.

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