Working DNS code for American Netflix on iPad, WiiU, PS4, PS3 Ireland , Australia, Canada. Tested November 2015

New code for American Netflix on iPad and other devices: Most recent at the top: Working 3rd November 2015: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Older codes: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Primary DNS : Secondary DNS:    Let me know if this works for you. 

Week 2 Update: I lost 9lbs in two week through technology. (With Infographics)

Another week, another update and I’m down 8.8lbs! Here is the chart of my weight loss so far, taken from the Healthmate by Withings’ Website, which links into my IoT Scales : The last week has been more about building habits than exercising. I’ve managed to continue to eat a regular breakfast and lunch. Previously

Week 1: How I lost 5lbs with Wearable Technology (Off to a Good Start)

So, it’s the end of week one and the results are in. Turns out I’ve lost ≈5lb!! Changes I’ve made to my behaviour are: I’ve started to eat more regularly, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days this week. My diet has become a little bit healthier, at least 1 Nutribullet a day. Quinoa instead of

Lose 20lbs with Technology (Well, that’s the plan)

Last year I got a Jawbone UP24 for my birthday. For the first few months I was motivated to be more active and regularly checked my steps against my goals but my motivation soon waned. Then in October 2014 I bought a Withings Smart Body Analyzer / Internet Connected Weighing Scales with the intention of blogging