Control Your Identity on Social Media, or Someone Else Will

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With the new year just in, I couldn’t help but share this informative slideshare made by Susan M. Bearden, about managing your online identity.  This information is so important for all to be aware of, especially our students, who know no other way than getting acquainted through social media.  You can get other great information from following Susan on twitter @s_bearden.  

This is funny but so true.  Have you ever been in a scenario where there is a group of people all interacting and sharing.  The teens in the group seem to not interact with each other, or so you think.  This is where social media comes into play.  All it takes is a small conversation consisting of, “are you on instagram, and what’s your snapchat name,” and its all done.  Your teens/young adults get social, often in the same room, while the party is going on, on separate…

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3 Tips for Safeguarding Your Family’s Smart Phones

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Unlocked Padlock Mobile Phone Shows Access Or ProtectionToday, it seems as if our families and ministries are under servere attack from our enemies:
 the world, the flesh and the devil. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for us as moms and dads or husbands and wives to walk with the Lord and to safe guard our home technology from the attacks of our adversaries. Never has there been so much opportunity for good to be done for the Lord, and never has there been a time when so much could be lost.

As a Christian and as a man that sells cellphones everyday by trade, I’ve had to ask the Lord and ask my wife for ways to safeguard our family from certain snares we could fall into. Technology is all around us today; the noise of ringtones and text-tones; selfies, tweets and posts can all been seen all about us. As you read this, look in your hand…

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25+ apps to make your everyday life easier

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Favorite_appsAt our small, fast-moving nonprofit company, everyone does a couple of jobs — and productivity apps help us manage roles that shift between coding, writing/designing and running a full-scale conference twice a year. We asked the TED staff what apps they can’t live without. And beyond the classics—Instagram, Google Maps, Spotify, Uber, Seamless—we found some great apps that might help you too. (A star denotes that the app is free, or at least has a free version.)


For random life stuff…

Dark Sky
A weather app with startling accuracy, its interface tells you things like: “Light rain starting in 22 minutes.” It also shows you beautiful weather maps that let you play local-news weather expert. “It’s like a wizard,” says our CTO, Gavin Hall. “If this app were available in the 1600s, it would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft.”


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GOkey – an essential accessory for the modern age.

The GOkey is a crowd-funded charger/usb cable/storage device and locator for Android and iOS smartphones.

“Boost your phone battery, use it as a charging/ syncing cable, store your data, locate your keys and find your phone.”

It has blown through its target for $40k funding and is now over $530k with 32 days still left to run in the campaign.

I’ll be getting one for the key locating functionality alone.

Check out the video pitch

and place your pre-order here: